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ICE Hispanic Agents Association, Inc.

Welcome to ICEHAA.....

The ICE Hispanic Agents Association, or ICEHAAhas been in existence since 1995. It was created in an effort to promote the general welfare of ICE employees by fostering a better employee/management relationship, as well as nurturing and improving the relationship of ICE in the community.

The goal and objective of ICEHAA first and foremost is the professional development of employees throughout the agency and the department.  Additional objectives include: obtaining the support of senior level management, working with and supporting other organizations that represent minorities and women, identify members and other potential candidates for career advancement within ICE, and to actively promote education and training for ICE HAA members.

ICEHAA is an organization that is similar to other advocacy groups such as Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) and National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE).  While ICEHAA has and will continue to focus on Hispanics within the agency and the department, we are open to and encourage any employee of any background to participate in the ICEHAA as a member, and also at our Annual Training. 

DHS name or initials do not represent an endorsement of the ICEHAA and the ICEHAA members do not represent the views of DHS.


Membership/Registration can only be paid via your cell phone or personal devices.

Mark your Calendars ICEHAA Leadership Training August 7-11, 2017

Grand Hyatt, Tampa, FL

Confirmed Speakers include DEA Agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pena who inspired the show NARCO on the Capture of Pablo Escobar.

Continue checking the website for details and registration links for training, for the 2017 Award materials, and for 2017 Scholarship forms. 

Meet the ICEHAA 

Board of Directors

Maria Michel-Manzo

Adriana Echeverry
Vice President

Laura Moy
1st Vice President

Simona Flores

Melissa B. Sevilla

Yesenia Ochoa
Sergeant at Arms

Daniel Evans

Director of Committees

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